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The Temple of Pacha Mama and the dowry of Señor Theophilos' daughter

The Temple of Pacha Mama and the dowry of his daughter Señor Theophilo

We've reached at Puno. The aim is to go to Amandani an island in Lake Titicaca where there is the temple of Pachamama. A temple that honors the feminine deities. We have learned that we can be hosted by locals and stay there overnight

Ο Ναός της Pacha Mama    O Ναός της Pacha Mama

Having made excursion the day before on the floating islands Uros we have shopped from Puno some food for our hosts.

Ο Ναός της Pacha Mama

Lake Titicaca is huge. It doesn't look like a lake at all. More reminiscent of the Aegean Sea. It's blue and endless. When we arrive, some locals come and shout names to drive visitors to the accommodations. We are the last ones left. I'm starting to worry about us being forgotten.

Ο Ναός της Pacha Mama και η προίκα της κόρης του Senor Theophilo

And yet...

We are amazed to learn that we will be accommodated by the President of the island. It may have played a role that our gifts were more than others have brought. It's the only house that has electricity from a generator and has a normal toilet. Hooray!!!

In a few minutes we are ready to climb the hill that leads to the temple. Lack of oxygen makes every step difficult.

At 3,812 m, another uphill is added. With the breath cut, finally we arrive. The view is riveting. I'm here to do the ritual. Three rounds clockwise. In every step I take I think my lungs will explode.

It's dark..... Slowly we take the path of return. The cold is bitter.

At night they have prepared a feast in our honor. We dance with the local monotonic dances that bring us to a state of sweet euphoria. It certainly helps to stay warm.

The next day the Señor Theophilo after lunch shows us various knitwear to buy. The truth is I don't want any of this. I've bought so much on the previous journey that leaves me indifferent. I want to be polite. As last night I've seen an amazing cape that his daughter wears, I say, "That's what I want!"

Ο Ναός της Pacha Mama

His eyes are popped out by surprise. Apparently no one has ever suggested that to him.

"It's my daughter's dowry. My family's story is embroidered. “On this island men embroider and women knit...

"That's what I want," I insist.

"I'm not interested in buying one more hood. Tell me how much money you want. "

After an endless discussion about his daughter's studies... and how long it has took him to embroider it... He told me he'd think about it.


Ο Ναός της Pacha Mama

The wish I made in Pachamama did not come true.

In retrospect, I realized it was for my own good.

But... The dowry of Señor Theophilo's daughter for some years is well kept in a prominent position in my closet.