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How do I become successful?

How do I become successful?

What are the rules of success?

Here are 18 rules that record how I approach my professional development. It is a combination of education, execution, mentality and people.

1. Never say that something is "not possible"-unless something is against the laws of nature. Most things are possible-you just have to be quite resourceful.

2. Consult only people who have achieved what you want to achieve-you can get advice from whomever you want but there is a big difference between taking advice from someone who has learned the theory of how something is accomplished and someone who has already succeeded.

3. Always learn – Your success will be determined by what you learn, how much you learn, and how well you perform what you learn.

4. Act quickly and then customize – learning is great, but the key to professional development is to quickly execute what you learn, learn from running and then customize it.

5. Learn during "dead Time" – the more time you spend learning the more you learn. So take advantage of the "dead" time (such as driving a car or walking the dog) by being trained with audio.

6. Learn from non-traditional sources – try to find a professional and find out directly from her/him. Podcasts, online courses and seminars are some of the best places to gain the knowledge you need to get to the next stage.

7. Nothing is more important than experience – there is a reason that experience is so valuable. It's because things rarely work exactly as you learned.

8. Be humble – you are probably wrong at least 20% of the time, you just don't know which 20%. So don't have to be too sure you're right when there's probably a better way to do everything.

9. There is always someone more ‘hungry’ than you-so make sure you always guide yourself so that you are better every day.

10. Socialize with people who guide you to be better-the people you choose to take care of yourself have a greater impact on your professional development than anything else, so make sure you are surrounded by people who lead you to be better.

11. Your passion is your most valuable resource – it is what will make you push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new things and overcome obstacles.

12. There is always a smarter and better way to do things – so always provoke yourself to find it. It could be the same thing with less effort, or it could become a new approach entirely.

13. Everything takes time-that is why it is so important to move quickly. Because even if you move fast, you'll still need a long time.

14. Teach others – if you really want to be the best at something, you should teach others. Because it is one thing to do something well but it is another to teach someone else how it is done.

15. Always ask-most people are afraid to ask for what they want. You will be amazed at how many people will say "yes" if you ask for it. Just don't be rude.

16. Be relentless with your time – how well you invest your time today, will determine how good your tomorrow is. Every hour that goes by is an hour you've invested in one way or another. If you live to 75, you will have lived for 28,000 days or 657,000 hours. Think about it.

17. Remove all obstacles that slow you down-learn to type, learn how to be more productive. Understand what slows you down unnecessarily and concentrate on overcoming each obstacle one by one.

18. There is probably someone who can help you to get where you want faster than you can on your own, once you know where you want to go, find out who can help you to get there faster.